Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It is 8:30 AM.  No work today. Strong winds have torn the tarp roof off the shower tent last night and they slashed the tarps on the sides open to keep the thing from ripping to shreds and blowing away. The driving rain has turned to blowing snow. Check the weather in Sendi. We are safe and dry inside this building. A lot of rumors about the bullet train not running today, cancelled flights at Tokyo, Narita, and Sendi airports because of wind. I can not confirm that. I know the wall I am leaning against is shaking a lot from the strong gusts.Last night I went into the forest to experience the trees blowing and thrashing from below. What a fantastic show! A small tree was blown down and fell near me! Crazy! I made a video of it.
I trust this will all blow through by our scheduled 12:00 taxi ride to the train station tomorrow to begin our long journey home. What a great experience! God is doing good work here, and a lot of people are seeing first hand how God works. It's fun to be part of that!