Monday, March 12, 2012

Getting to Work

It was good to do a day's work.  I worked on replacing the floor on two houses.   They came & picked everyone up and took us to their storage area to unload a truckload of sheet rock.  Then we went back.   One other guy and I went to one house. We are just starting on it. I am supposed to  work on it until it's finished. They are expecting more people to help us.
   Things are always changing. An amazingly diverse array of people are volunteers---ethnic Japanese from Hawaii, people from the Mainland, Canada , and Australia . Chinese people with a British accent from Hong Kong & the UK are also here.  You can't assume anything about someone by looking at them. You don't know what languages, or how many languages will come out of their mouth or where they are from. We are expecting a group of sea bees from one of the bases in Japan. I think they are volunteering on their time off.  They will bunk with us.