Hi all.
I am starting to settle into a routine. We are getting much work done, meeting many people. An amazingly diverse group of people, from different corners of the world. We all share a common goal. To extend Gods love and mercy to our brothers and sisters in Japan. It's Saturday 5:00 AM and I have the day off. Some folks have offered to take some of us newcomers on a tour, and maybe a museum. A tour of what, and what kind of museum? I have no idea. Every day is an adventure here. The doorways in the houses here are 5' 9" instead of our 6' 8"! A wee bit low for the Irish! And everyone else. There is much head banging involved in doing Gods work here. I miss you all. I will go now as many people are waiting to use the Internet.
                                                                                                                            Mark O'